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August 12, 2007

Prologue, Page 10


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It was finally made known to the world in April of 2006. The world had lost contact with Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain. The world governments had been collaborating to keep it quiet for nearly six months. It had started small. Rural towns, the ones built near mystical places like Stonehenge, or the lesser known "Faerie Mounds" suddenly found technology failing. Electricity went out. Phone lines died. Cars wouldn't start. Satellites, cellular phones, cameras, videos, television signals... nothing but static.

And as everything failed, then there was no word at all. People didn't travel in or out of affected areas. Cars would simply stop working. The onboard computers of planes and helicopters would start failing inexplicably, giving wrong readings or shutting off completely, forcing the pilots to turn back. People who ventured in on foot or by horse never returned. And the effect spread. Overtaking larger cities. Until, finally, all three countries were lost. After that fact became undeniable, it was made public knowledge.

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