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August 12, 2007

Prologue, Page 10


About Overhill

Overhill is the newest web comic from the minds behind Organized-Chaos and ElfGrove studio.

Asatira and Lycorne are both veterans of web comics, having done our own individual projects in the past (with, admittedly, varying degrees of success). Weve done a joint venture as part of a larger team drawing gag comics for Adventures in AU and Pirate Kittens in the past, but this is our first co-author attempt with just the two of us. Weve created what we believe is going to be an interesting universe with a priceless duo for our main characters. Please sit back and enjoy!

Asatira (artist)

Asatira Art Studio: Organized Chaos
Email: asatira@gmail.com

Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: ...
Zodiac: ...

Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Education: ...
Occupation: ...


Lycorne (writer)

Lycorne Art Studio: ElfGrove studio
Email: elfgrove@gmail.com
AIM: KageLycorne

Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Medium Brown
Height: 5'1"
Zodiac: Capricorn / Metal Rooster

Location: San Diego, California
Education: Bachelors of Software Engineering
Occupation: Software Engineer

I'm your resident friendly neighborhood elf, otherwise known as Lycorne. Ive been a part of the web comic community since 2001, and I still love seeing all the hard work everyone here puts into it. Gods know most of us will never see a dime for all the effort. Web comics are a labor of love. Im an anime & manga fan (I love OEL manga! XP). I also love legends, faerie tales, and mythology from around the world. I grew up in a family that collected swords, so I am also a huge geek about them. But hey, Im a geek with an arsenal. Mock that.


Asatira & Lycorne at the end of Dragon*Con 2006.

Fencing at the GA Renaissance Festival in 2005.