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August 12, 2007

Prologue, Page 10


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Tsuba rolled his eyes and glanced around the empty room. "Mullein, I promise. They’re not gonna miss a book on Celtic Mythology."

Mullein pushed against the table, gracefully stretching herself to her full height. She was just a bit over six feet, with the slender build of a ballet dancer. Her dark chocolate skin was relatively unblemished, and her dark hair fell in waist-length dreadlocks. Her distinctive mix of angular and African features darkened as she narrowed emerald-colored eyes at Tsuba. "Yes. They. Will."

Tsuba shuffled his feet uncomfortably and gave a look like a dog caught stealing food from the dinner table. "Mullein..."

"Oh don't even start." She crossed her long arms over her chest. "I am trying to research what loophole they used to come out from Underhill."

"I still don’t see why it matters." Tsuba didn’t move from his position at the end of the row. "They’re here now."

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